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By joining the movement to recycle, you also help make the world and the future a better place. You also have the chance to improve the lives and well-being of people at different levels of society. We are committed to making a positive difference in society, and our goal is to raise the standard of living and improve the public’s view of informal workers.


Azelia Trifana

“We are so lucky to have found Duitin who not only can pick up inorganic waste, but also diapers! Every Monday becomes a fun moment because it is time for Duitin Picker to come. Everyone’s friendly, from those who we’ve known for the last 6 months to those who are new, their hospitality is top notch. Thank you Duitin for helping us in managing inorganic waste so they will not end in landfills 😊”

Azelia Trifana

Cinere, Jakarta Selatan

Myrna Laksman

“Duitin is improving! I’m very happy with organisations like this who deal with recycling. The guilt of consuming and generating waste slightly decreases. Duitin is one of my go-to contacts for recycling. Looking back, Duitin keeps on improving and developing, great job!”

Myrna Laksman

Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan


“With Duitin, I gain knowledge about waste sorting, its positive impacts, and many other benefits. My friends and I are delighted to know the Duitin team as we are able to help society, especially when it comes to reducing plastic waste.”


Tebet, Jakarta Selatan




Duitin Coins

As our contributor, Duitin Coins are rewards that are given to you based on categories and weight of recyclable waste that are collected.


Duitin Points

From the numerous things you’ve done with Duitin, you can earn Duitin Points, which are loyalty points.



You can collect and even share the badges you earn on your social media, and they will always be visible on your profile.

Turning recyclable waste into something useful

You can exchange your Duitin Coins and Points for a variety of digital products such as mobile phone credit, data plans, and electricity tokens, which you can do directly from your Duitin app. Duitin Coins can also be withdrawn through DANA or LinkAja.


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