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The Collection of Used Baby Diapers

As one of their missions, Kimberly Clark Softex wishes to continue to create a better community by running their business responsibly and reduce waste production from their business processes, more specifically from used baby diapers.

Duitin has partnered with Kimberly Clarks Softex by creating a recycling program that allows consumers to request a pick-up for their used baby diapers by our Duitin Pickers through our Duitin mobile applicaition and in exchange receive verious incentives.

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Alternative Recyclable Waste Pick Up with Zero Emissions

Transportations are one of the highest carbon emitters in the world, causing things like global warming and climate change which have already affected not only our environment but us as well.

To combat this, we are collaborating with WestBike to give our contributors the option for zero carbon emissions by requesting a pick-up for their recyclable waste through the WestBike mobile app.

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Taking One Step Further Towards Sustainability

Our contributors can now purchase household necessities as they recycle their waste. Duitin is working together with Koinpack, who offers a wide selection of household products provided in reusable containers, in order to help reduce waste created from single-use plastics.

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The Digitalisation and Socialisation of Waste Banks

By partnering with Unilever, the digitalisation and socialisation of waste banks provides easier access to recyclable waste from households while also educates their community on the benefits of recycling, with one point being that recyclable waste has value.

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The Importance of Reuse, Giving a New Life for Single-use Chopsticks

Every year, the production of disposable chopsticks results in the cutting down of millions of trees. This will not only have a detrimental impacts on the natural environment, but it will also result in an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

By encouraging people to recycle wooden and bamboo chopsticks, which will eventually be processed by Boolet into various end products, Duitin and Boolet are working together to reduce the amount of waste generated by chopsticks that are only used once. One example includes coasters.

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SIG: Way Beyond Good

In the hopes of lessening the impacts of their products on the environment, SIG started the Way Beyond Good program to teach families the importance of preserving the environment through recycling, more specifically, the recycling of mulitlayered carton and we collaborated with them to help encourage more and more people to recycle.

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Bringing Communities Together

Together with The South Jakarta Administration, Duitin was promoting a waste recycling programs to households and communities. According to the data, South Jakarta produced around 1.400 tons of waste per day in 2020.

This programs include education and socialisation to the South Jakarta’s communities, like how to sort and recycle the waste so that they can convert the recyclable waste into rupiah.

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