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Did you know that majority of the plastic you use, for example mineral water bottles and food packaging, ends up in landfills?

According to McKinsey and Co & Ocean Conservancy, Indonesia ranks second for the largest producers of plastic in the world, reaching 63.9 million tons per year. Of this amount, only 10% are being recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, or worse, drifts out into the ocean. Furthermore, the data also states that more than 80% of waste that ends up in the ocean comes from the land.

The plastic waste doesn’t decompose for up to 450 years, causing it to pile up and its residue releases toxic chemicals, which are at risk of contaminating the soil, water and air. As a result, waste not only pollutes the environment; the land and sea, it also threatens the survival of living things such as plants and animals, even humans - yes, including you.

Spirit of change with Duitin

Come, let’s make a change for a better future and environment. With Duitin, we invite you to invoke change in a simple way; sorting your recyclable waste and then order a pick-up for your recyclable waste through the Duitin app, so that we can slowly but surely decrease those piles of trashes.

Besides contributing for a better Earth and environment, through Duitin you too, have a chance to improve the social welfare and economy for all levels of society. Yes, we are committed in having a positive impact for the environment as well as having a vision to improve the standard of living and the image of working as a picker in the eyes of society.

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Through the Duitin app, you are able to do the first step of recycling by accessing the waste pick-up facilities via mobile app.

Once the recyclable waste has been picked up, it will be cleaned and sorted based on the type, colour, and material, where it will be sent to a waste processor afterwards to be shredded. By shredding the recycled waste, it can be reprocessed into other products like sacks and plastic bottles. Not only that, it can also be reprocessed as material to make plastic pellets, yarn, cloth, and even be exported! Wow, that’s a lot huh?

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our contributions to the SDGs

gender equality
decent work and economic growht
reduced inequalities
responsible consumption and production
climate action
live below water

With this big dream, Duitin invites you all to take the first steps of reycling by sorting your waste at home.



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